5 Major Reasons to Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business

5 Major Reasons to Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business

Want to make more money? Want more independence? Hate Commuting? Hate Office Politics? Want more time to spend on yourself, your family and your friends?

Yes, I know….you want all of the above. Owning your own Home-Based Business can give you what you want and need and probably more than you anticipated.

1. Let’s start with MONEY.

I have a simple formula: C = C = C. Contribution = Compensation = Control. Whatever it is that I contribute, I want to be compensated for it and I want to control it. Doing the type of work I like to do is the first benefit. The payment I receive for it is the second and third is the ability to control the cost of my products and services. I can change what I do, how much I charge and what I sell at any time for whatever reason. The money that I earn is in direct proportion to how much time and energy I spend on working. Some people jump in 100%, others begin part-time with the hope of growing into a full time business and many do it part-time to supplement their full-time jobs. The choice is yours. When setting your standards on the work you do and what you charge remember that Success is Believing You Earned Every Penny!

2. INDEPENDENCE is not all that it promises to be.

Yes, you are the boss and in control of your life; you make your own decisions, you do the work you want to do and work when you want, you work how you want…shorts, tee shirts and goofy slippers anyone? BUT WAIT! Since you are the boss, you are responsible for everything. There is no other cubicle with another person in it. You are it! You have to work with your customers and get new ones too. You answer the e-mails and the phone. You pay the bills and balance the books. You also do glamorous things such as unjamming the scanner (I did this yesterday), clean the office and throw out the trash – which is on my agenda as soon as I finish this blog. And one more thing – which is huge – since you are self-employed, you don’t get Sick Pay or Vacation Pay. You have to plan ahead for the time off you take. I typically work double time for weeks knowing that I have a vacation planned…nothing is worse than returning home only to realize you have no income coming in. Independence = good time management!


Let’s face it. We have all had a boss that hated us and in return you hated them. We have all had co-workers that were mean and selfish and coveted your customers, your office space and your salary. I have always thought that office politics takes a huge chunk out of my work time because I had to watch my bank and quite often defend myself for something I didn’t do…Ugh! So much wasted time and energy. How much more efficient and productive everyone can be if they just did their job and left other people alone. Working for yourself allows you to really focus on your goals and grow your business.

4. COMMUTING is something I don’t do.

Every Monday morning I laugh. People all over the world are heading out to their jobs. They battle traffic and/or they deal with public transportation. They are on the phone, they read, they shave, they eat, they put on make-up, etc. Dangerous to them and the others around them. Did you know that the average person commutes 8 to 12 hours a week and that it is uncompensated? That is one whole day! If you have one extra day a week, what would you use it for? I would use it to 1/ do more work and 2/ take a nap. I commute across the hall. It takes me 30 seconds.

5. TIME is the great equalizer.

Everybody in the world gets the same amount. How we get to spend it is difference. Business owners are the most challenged. They’ve got to run their business and they have to have time to re-charge. As the business grows, more and more time is spent in the office, on the road, in meetings, etc. This takes away from family and friends. Not a good thing – we’ve all heard of hard-driven successful people who regret the time lost, over the years, with family and friends. So don’t do that! Balancing time is key. Work hard and smart – Play hard and smart. Schedule specific dates/times to spend on yourself or with loved ones and then do it! I often work on Saturdays, but I typically take ½ off during the week to get my nails done or to wander around at the mall…I call it “me time”. I’ve being doing this for a long time; I discovered that when I’m happy, everyone else around me is also happy.


And I know how you can too. Stay tuned here on this website for more info on how you can too!

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