Have Home-Based Business, Will Travel

Have Home-Based Business, Will Travel

So here I am 3000 miles away from my home-office and am totally linked to my business!  How great is this!  We are celebrating Thanksgiving with my husband’s family and while he is helping them do chores and such, I am at the computer checking in with my clients, my website, my blog, etc.  This is one of the best advantages of operating a home-based business…I am completely mobile and can handle things no matter where I am.  We took off for a month earlier this year and each morning, with coffee in hand, I would sit with my laptop on the sunny balcony of the hotel room and check my e-mails.  After answering a few of them and ear-marking the rest for follow-up at a later time, I would then check in my students that take my online course on how to start a home-based business.  After that I would blog a bit and do some facebooking as well.  If there was still time before we took off for the day, I would so some research about things that are of interest to me and save the information for when I returned to my home-office.

Today, I am reviewing the e-mails sent to me by the radio show tech people; after I read them, I can e-mail back my answers and together we can prepare for the premiere on December 10th.  The Home-Based Business Show will air at 9:00am PST and it will cover all aspects of the home-based business arena.  It would be great if you can call in or e-mail me while I’m doing the show and I can answer you questions live on the air!  Tell me what you want to know about home-based businesses!!!!

I am so thankful that in the 20+ years as a home-based business owner I have helped so many people take control of their life and how they generate an income, by doing what they love to do!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!    Helene, http://www.thehome-office.com/

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