Home-Based Business Ideas!

Are you dreaming of working from home, in your own-business but are stumped as to what kind of business to run? My first response to this question is to say: choose what you know and what you enjoy doing. Don’t pick a business because someone else is doing it or because it’s a hot trend right now.  Think more long term. Think of what people need often. Find a niche and be the best within it. I’ve put together a list of some options to consider as a possible home-based business. Remember, the best result is based on what you know about the business and not what sounds interesting or glamorous.  Choose wisely!


A good affinity with numbers will keep you busy as almost everyone needs a good, efficient bookkeeper. You can specialize in a specific industry or businesses in general; you can provide financial services for personal individuals. You will need a good accounting software program, internet connection, scanner and calculator. With higher education, you can also do tax prep. Annual registration with the IRS, along with yearly training will keep you competitive. Typically, this is a seasonal business, but coupled with the bookkeeping side, you will be very busy.

Interior Designer

Do you have an eye for decorating? Specializing in homes v. businesses is a good way to find your niche.  Not everyone can afford this type of service, so identifying the right client base is key. A degree or higher education is not necessary, but experience is, so do some pro-bono work, take pictures and build your portfolio. Keep in mind that it is not always your vision that matters, but rather what the client wants. A side business to this can be a Home Stager, where you re-arrange the look of a home to help sell it.

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Business Ideas

Medical/Legal Transcription

Are you a good, fast and accurate typist? That’s a good start, but to do this right, getting an education in medical and/or legal terminology is the first step.  In both fields, the more you know about what you are typing, the better transcriptionist you will be. In some cases, you will type as people speak, but in other cases, you will listen to a tape and type what you hear.

Pet Sitter/Groomer

Your love of animals can be turned into a business by providing the services a typical pet owner needs.  Dogs (and other animals) need to be washed and clipped and walked. Animals sometimes need to go to the vets for regular checkups and shots. When people travel, they need to provide for their animals; you can stay at their home or bring them into yours while their owners are away. A good, clean environment is something to strive for – your customers will appreciate this and so will your neighbors.

Landscape/Lawn Care

A green thumb will make you a much needed business taking care of other people’s lawns. Mowing, raking, planting, tree pruning service and gardening are just some of the services you can provide. Landscape re-design is needed when someone remodels; networking with contractors will get you these clients.

Business Ideas


Do you know something really, really well that you can teach others to do? The field of education is wide open for tutoring: English, Math, Languages, Music, Computers, Cooking/Baking, etc. You can set-up your own clients or you can work through an online tutoring school. Your ability to communicate effectively is key; not everyone learns the same way and age differences require someone that can speak to the students in a way they can understand and learn.

Health and Fitness

If you have an understanding of what a healthy lifestyle is, you can set up appointments for: yoga, pilates, senior citizens exercises, massages, nutrition, etc. This field is highly competitive; setting yourself up to stand out will require much work but you can be successful in your community by networking efficiently.

Virtual Assistant

Good administration skills are always in demand by companies and by busy people who need a helping hand. Start by deciding what tasks you want to do: answering e-mails and phone calls, data entry, scheduling. These tasks will help you determine what hours you are available to assist client. Equipment must-have include: computer/internet and scanner/printer; I would also include a pair of ear phones so you are hands free when on the phone. Check out other virtual assistance to see what they do and how much they charge. Create a roster of potential clients, do some networking and offer them your assistance.

Business Ideas

Grant Writing

This is a specialty field that requires good writing skills and the ability to persuade people. Community organizations, as well as non-profits, schools and hospitals all need grant money; within each industry, the competition is fierce. Learn how to do this by interning and gathering the experience before launching your own business.


I’ve saved this one for last because it’s so huge and so prevalent in our world. There are many, many types of computer services you can provide for businesses; they include website design and development, social media experts, blogging, programming, repair, and so on. Take a good assessment of your computer skills, talk to business owners as to what type of computer needs they have and use that feedback to decide what you want to do based on your skills.

This is just a small example of what possible Home-Based Businesses you can start. A whole world awaits you, so think smart and get moving!  Make it happen for yourself. In all cases, do lots of research as what it takes to be in that business, who the competition is and how would you be different from them. Be realistic and honest with yourself…what you choose to do is based on what you know well and are really into it. Don’t create a job for yourself:  Love What You Do and Live The Life You Love!