Home-Based Businesses Today

Home-Based Businesses Today

Did you know that according to the US Census Bureau, 51.6% of all US Business are operated from home! That’s more than half! Here are more statistics: Most home-based businesses are small:

  1. 93.1% have annual revenues of less than $250,000
  2. 57.1% have revenues of less than $25,000
  3. 62.9% have no employees

The reports point to the rise of technology and the Internet which have made it possible to run a business in your home. And, even though, some city, state and/or homeowner association rules limit the type and scope of your home-based business, the fact reminds that more and more people are taking control of how they earn their living by starting their own business in their own homes. Home-based businesses are no longer a trend; they are a bona-fide business sector of the economy…hurrah for us!

The driving force for all home-based business, however, is still rooted in individual inspiration, motivation and determination. The home-based business owner has decided to create something of their own. They have the idea and the fortitude to forge ahead and design a new way to live and work for themselves and for their family. They work long hours, they do exhaustive research and planning and then they take the risk. Without this strength and courage, all the technology in the world would not be of value to anyone. Much like any other tool you have in your home, the value is when you pick it up and use it…that is the key. Many people come to my classes or take my online course – they are eager to learn more about starting a home-based business; but, alas, less than one-half actually do so. They see that it requires much more than they anticipated. Someone told me that they wanted to start a home-based business because it would be less stressful. Really, I hadn’t noticed. It took me over twenty years to establish myself as The Home-Based Business Expert and I vividly remember all the obstacles I had to overcome and the challenges I faced to get to this point in my career – and I am still growing and learning as I move into the next phase of my business. Technology certainly made it easier, but what it really took was true grit!

Love what you do and live the life you love!


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