Now is good time to start a home-based business!

Now is good time to start a home-based business!

The most popular question I get these days is: is now a good time to start a home-based business? The question is certainly valid with the current economic situation…but the answer is YES! There is never a recession of ideas, creativity and initiative! In fact, the time is ripe for taking stock of where you are and where you need to go. The first question to ask yourself is: What do I have to change in order to grow? Lots of people don’t like change, but the truth is that you must embrace change if you want something different. Sometimes change is thrust upon us and we are helpless as to what to do next…so I say: If you make the change yourself, then you are in control.

When you are working and the paycheck is coming in, you don’t really think about making changes. Yes, you dream about it as you are stuck in traffic or on the days that nothing seems to be going right and you are rushing from one thing to another…but you don’t really have a plan, because you know you will never do it. Risk taking is an act of courage. Risk taking is only for the bold. Risk taking is worth it when you see yourself living in a lifestyle you created for yourself that truly makes you happy.

I don’t mean to imply that working at home for yourself will make you happy, in and of itself. There are certainly challenges and obstacles to overcome with any business. But if you do your homework -lots of research and planning ahead of time – you can create a business that is right for you. So, take advantage of this time when things are slow and things are changing…be good to yourself – invest the time and energy to really think about your next move. Read books, take classes, speak with trusted friend or mentor. Every now and then, it is good to shake things up!


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