• I enjoyed the class. Helene comes prepared…she has a wealth of information to present and she does it in an organized, cohesive fashion that is easy to understand and implement. I would definitely recommend it to others.

    Sonya Z.

  • I have already started my business…it is growing faster than I expected and while I know I create beautiful things, the business side is overwhelming. Helene has not given me direction on what to do to help me save many hours and money. Thank you Helene!

    Dawn B.

  • 3 hours very well spent …excellent, practical hands on advice. Helene is professional, knowledgeable and articulate in her field. She launched me!

    Robin K.

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    Robert S.

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    Jerry D.

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    Jonathan W.

  • I found this course to be extremely useful, it offers up a tremendous amount of information to anyone thinking about starting a home-based business.

    D. Arcura

  • I found this course to be extremely useful, it offers up a tremendous amount of information to anyone thinking about starting a home-based business.

    Debora A.

  • I really enjoyed this awesome course! I learned many new things and was assured that I was on firm ground with my business that is in the start-up phase. It was so very informative and truly helped me understand everything that needs to be done in order to not only have a home based business, but how to make it successful. Huge thanks to a wonderful teacher that made it interesting and a fun learning experience.

    Anne Marie G.

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    Shelly B.

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    Allen S.

  • Thank you very much for offering this course. I practice law full-time and don’t have much free time…so having the flexibility to log on when I can and read the lessons is great…doing the assignments were easy to fit into my demanding schedule. I am now anxious to put into practice what I have just learned.

    Steve P.

  • Thank you!!! This was my first online course and I enjoyed every lesson…it has given me the confidence to try even more. I learned a lot of new things that will allow me to make the right decision whether to start my home owned business or not. Keep up the work Helene – you are helping people change their lives.

    B. Vilerrio

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    Christina T-W.