Top 5 Skills to Operating a Home-Based Business

Top 5 Skills to Operating a Home-Based Business

You have a great idea for a home-based business, but do you have the skills to start a business and run it successfully?  So many people come to me for help in getting their business off the ground; some really listen and take the steps needed to put it all together while others determine that its too much work so they don’t pursue it.  A successful entrepreneur has the skills that propels them forward to achieve their goals.  Here are the top 5 skills that you should have:

1. Motivation: the desire to achieve.  What are your goals?  How strongly are you dedicated to your goals?  How much time, energy and money are you willing to spend to get to where you want to be?  Lots of people say they want to have a home-based business thinking it would be easier than having a job.  They like the idea of no traffic, a flexible schedule and doing what they love to do.  But once they discover that it takes a lot of hard work to run a business, they opt out.  The motivation is not there – they just see the perks.  Staying focused on the end result is the key to success; it is after all, a journey.

2, Independence: ability to function without supervision.  Not having a boss is ideal for all of us!  The flip side to this is not getting any direction at all.  And that is crucial to how you operate your business.  I know a woman who tried to work at home; she set up her office, got all the equipment ready, sought out clients and then, found she could not get the work done.  She felt paralyzed and depressed.  She didn’t know where to begin.  She needed to have co-workers to discuss and exchange ideas with; she wanted a more social stimulation throughout the day.  Sadly, after much money and time being spent, she went back to getting a job.

3. Discipline: the ability to stick to it!  There are many distractions when you work at home.  Can you resist taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon?  Does the television seduce you to waste away the hours watching your favorite shows?  Is Social Media preventing you from getting work done?   Well, you need to stop this type of activity.  Each day should have a plan – what do I want to achieve today?  I make that list the day before, so when I get to my desk in the morning my plan is already laid out.  Of course, there are often interruptions with client demands or new opportunities to pursue.  But I can tell you, as I go through my tasks and cross them off my list, that bowl of ice cream that I set up as a reward gets closer and closer!

4. Communication: the ability to convey your message so others understand it.  This includes speaking and writing skills.  It’s one thing to have great brain activity burning with great concepts and ideas; but if you can’t put them down on paper or speak them articulately then they are lost.  It would be a great investment of your time to learn how to write and speak clearly; these type of classes are available everywhere and a well worth it.

5. Expertise in their field: are you GREAT at what you do?  I am often asked “my neighbor sells vitamins online and does really well…do you think I should do this too?”.   Well, yes and no.  If you know the vitamin industry well, if you understand the competition, if you want to spend your time sitting at the computer all day long…then yes.   But if you don’t know anything about the vitamin industry and would prefer working out of doors for most of your day, then this is not for you.  The successful entrepreneurs pick what they know best and make it a business.  They don’t waste time trying to learn a business.  Sometimes people they are going to start two businesses at once because they can’t decide which one they like the best.  Well I say: Don’t do it!   You must focus and concentrate on one business to be really good at….people don’t want to use a plumber who also runs a catering company.  I want to hire the best plumber around – not some one works at it part time.   Be the EXPERT in your field so people are confident that you are the best around!

Take the time to understand you weaknesses and strengths as a home-based business owner.  Educate yourself on things you don’t know how to do such as accounting or marketing.  By single-minded with your goals and don’t lose heart over obstacles or problems.  We all have them.  The winners are those that get up one more time, dust themselves off and go at it again.

Be well….Helene

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