The idea of working for yourself in the comfort of your own home-based business is very appealing. You don’t have a boss looming over you, co-workers who drive you crazy and you are not facing traffic every day. You can do the work you want to do, when you want to do it and how you want to do it. All of this sounds perfect! And in many ways it is. There is, however, a down side.

Working long hours, feeling isolated, worrying about cash flow, keeping clients happy, finding new clients and last, but not least, balancing family responsibilities with your business needs all lead towards a stressful life, indeed. So when all this overwhelms you, it is a good idea to take a deep breath and assess why you love operating your own home-based business.

My initial motivation was the need to create, innovate and produce my own ideas. I got tired and dis-heartened in the corporate world where I had to do what others wanted me to do. Being part of someone else’s business meant I had to perform the tasks they wanted done in the way they wanted them done. With my own business, I am free to use my imagination and ingenuity to build my own vision and to reach my own goals. Independent choices is at the core of every entrepreneur.

Flexibility is another advantage of running your own home-based business. In the workplace, your time is governed by their work flow, meetings and conferences, office politics and all that nonsense. When your office is steps away from where you live, your time is more manageable. You work when you want to work. When I first got started I was a night owl. I enjoyed the quite of the night as I settled in to do my work. Over the years, I have evolved into an early bird. Now the quite I enjoy is in the morning. Being able to make the switch is priceless; I need to use my high-energy time to get through the pile of work waiting for me. Making time for family, for friends, for business networking, for just taking a break is for me to decide. Each day is different; I do plan ahead for some things, but when I need to move things around I can do so at my own discretion. Having this freedom is life-changing.

The potential to make the money you want to make should always be in your hands. Working for others confines you to their budget and to the industry norm. You can control your income by the energy and effort you put into your home-based business. How much you work or how you little you work is your choice, based on your own needs, within your own schedule.

Even after all these years, I too, am often at a loss with all that I need to do to keep the business running. Time is defined and quite often I need more! That’s when I slow down, walk out of the office and into my living space and just sit. I remember all the things I get to decide on without supervision or influence from anyone else. I focus on all the benefits of having my own home-based business and soon enough, I come to the realization that I LOVE WHAT I DO AND LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE!

Good news! You can too! Stay tuned here at www.thehome-office.com to learn how.

The Home-Based Business Expert

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