Yesterday I Worked At Home

Yesterday I Worked At Home

Yesterday I worked at home…and loved it! I’ve had a home-based business for over 20 years and even though I am based at home, I must go to my clients in order to provide them with my hard-earned expertise. Over the years I have been able to explore other income-producing avenues that allow me to actually work at my desk….and yesterday was one of the perfect days! After a quick check on e-mails, I made coffee and got washed and dressed for the day. Yes, I was planning to work at home all day, but dragging around in my pajamas does not make me feel productive; so casual pants and a tee-shirt was my chosen attire.

I started with making a list of all that I wanted to accomplish for the day. Keeping it posted near the computer allowed me to cross off each item as I finished itl; it also allowed me to feel really, really good about my progress! My list included; client projects to work on, accounting for the businesses my husband and I manage, phone calls to prospective clients, etc. At the bottom of the list I also had: personal phone calls and e-mails to make and return, light housekeeping, make dinner. Next to each item, I recorded the priority number in red, so I can proceed in an organized manner. This helps me stay focused on what absolutely had to get time and at a specific time. For example, a client needed his financials done asap for his upcoming meeting with his attorney: I got this done right away.

Working at home takes structure and discipline. First you have to create the environment…is my desk organized is a way that I can reach for things I need without having to think about where I left them last? Are my client files neatly arranged so I can access them efficiently? Are my most important telephone numbers stored in the phone so I can use speed dial? When these type of things are not in order, you can be really surprised as to how much time they use up just trying to get to them…so taking the time and making the effort to set things up for yourself is a real investment = good time management!

Discipline is sticking to the plan you have set up. There are so many distractions when you work at home. Watching tv, taking a nap, chatting with a neighbor, playing with your dog, etc. create a real challenge when we are looking for a way to avoid doing the work! When I was first tempted with “doing other things” when I was supposed to be working from home, I set up a reward system. If I do two things on my list, I had a bit of ice cream. If I finished at least half of what was on my list, I actually left the office and took a long walk around the neighborhood. I also like to think of “buying” my freedom when I do all of the things on my list. If I hurry up and get everything done, I can relax in the evening and enjoy a nice dinner, a movie, etc. with my husband.

Speaking of husbands, mine is retired. We have a partner’s desk in the home office, so he gets to have a place to sit and work on his “stuff”. Most of the time he plays games or checks sports scores, but hey, he stays busy, he stays out of my way and yet we can still be together. He is the perfect assistant in my business too…he loves to run the errands: post office, bank, office supply store, etc. When I’ve got a question about something he is a great sounding board – he’s background in management is a very good asset to my own management experience. And yes, when I’m running late, he will start dinner!

The weather yesterday was perfect. The sliding door to the outside, which is right next to my desk was open…I heard birds singing, I saw squirrels dashing about and the sun shone right across my desk. Working at home is the best possible way for me to earn my income. I love it so much I help other people do it too! Visit my website: to learn more about what I do and how I can be of help to you to – if you want to work at home too!

Love what you do and live the lifystyle you create for yourself! Helene 🙂

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