Is a Home-Based Business Next?

Is a Home-Based Business Next?

Feeling stuck? Have you been doing what you’ve been doing for what seems like forever? Does each day seem like the day before? It did for me many years ago. I’d get home from a long day at work and wonder “what the heck did I do today?” It was all a blur. Every day I’d trudge off to an office, working in a job I didn’t really like, with some difficult people around me and for the same pay check. Ugh!

Then, one day, after the third company in two years either laid me off, moved out of town and/or merged with another company, I had had enough! Lying on the coach contemplating life and what I wanted out of it, I decided that a large part of it was how I spent my days and how I earned my income. It was time to re-think this, to reassess and to reinvent myself.

Deciding what to do came first. What was I really good at and enjoyed doing? Organizing and facilitating. My skill set was to take something and make it work better. Managing offices and events was my forte so why not take my experience directly to small businesses to make them work more efficiently and effectively? I pulled a business plan together and in a few short months I had several clients; referrals from them gave me more clients and I have never looked back.

Life gives us all several chances to redo things – sometimes it happens to us and sometimes we make it happen. Either way it is the perfect opportunity to navigate yourself into a new you. Making the transition does not have to be difficult, if managed and guided towards a goal. We need to prepare, to do our homework, to plan ahead. This takes introspection and research. Lots of it. By writing out your goals and aspirations, you create a map to the next phase of your life.

Very often, having a business of your own, from the comfort of your home is what comes to mind. And why not? You get to select the type of work you want to do, when and how you want to do and earn the money you need to pay the bills and then some.

Start by thinking about what makes you happy? Do you like to write, to draw, to paint? Are you talented in the kitchen and can bake/cook something really delicious? Can you teach/train others in math, English, music, bookkeeping, computer techniques? Are you a handy plumber, electrician, handyman/woman? Can you type and prepare documents? Do you want to work inside or outside? Do you want to work with people, animals, the land?

By working diligently towards your new business and remembering that it is a journey, you will find that a new life has emerged…don’t resist it, don’t fight it, don’t give up. Embrace it. Let it unfold and you will blossom into a happy, self-fulfilled person and oh, so very wise! Why? Because YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!

Here’s to discovering the real you!

The Home-Based Business Expert!

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